Sometimes we’re great at habits when we’re in one routine, but anything that comes along to add variety to our routine throws everything off. This makes holidays and celebrations take on unnecessary negative stress and adds stress to facing big challenges or tragedies. It also adds to the stress of the ups and downs we face in everyday life. Habits that are stronger than one routine help manage this stress and keep your choices aligned with your lifestyle goals. Our Fit Tribe Habits program is designed to improve the resiliency of important habits so you can trust them to be there and adapt with your life.
Habits are not rules. Habits are norms that are reliable but adapt to align with your values and goals. Habits are what carry you through holidays without guilt and while still sticking with your health and fitness lifestyle goals. Habits are what keep you making progress on your healthy lifestyle changes long term to get the most results.
The resiliency of habits is also what makes unwanted habits difficult to change. Your habits should be there to help you. We’ve found the best way to get rid of an unwanted habit is to replace it with a new one. Fit Tribe Habits focuses on helping you build the life you want. This program supports you in choosing your lifestyle habits for a healthier life.
Choosing effective habits for your unique life can be challenging. This is why we do 6 week cycles with a set of habits. It is important to have time to focus on habit formation and time to evaluate and reflect on the habit, followed by guidance and encouragement to build on what you learned. Your life is complex, and we’re here for it! Fit Tribe Habits is designed to help you grow in each phase of your life.
By the end of each 6 week cycle, we will do an in-depth analysis to evaluate which habits are natural to you now and which need to be approached again. The ones that are ingrained are removed from your list of 6 habits and we add new ones. This way you keep layering habits into your lifestyle to make it healthier. The ones that didn’t stick, we look at why and make adjustments to help them work better for you. We also look at your bigger goals, and consider whether a different habit would work better for that goal. Sometimes our greatest obstacles are trying over and over again what we think should work, when we just need to take a step back and realize that we need to adjust the plan.