training options that fit your goals

Fit Tribe CAMP

Our premier small group personal training program is designed to supercharge your metabolism, build strength, and give you all the benefits of exercise: improved mood, increased mental focus, greater energy, and vibrant health! In every session, you'll get the attention of personal coaching with the benefits of energetic group support. Using a interval training approach with a mix of lighter weights, air bikes, sleds, kettlebells, medicine balls and more, we’ll help you find the appropriate challenge level during each session to get the best results while staying injury free and keeping your joints happy.

Fit Tribe STRONG

Our unique small group training program is geared to make you sweaty, strong, and confident. Never used a barbell? No Problem. Experienced Athlete? Perfect. We help beginners gain confidence and comfort with fundamental weightlifting movements, and give our more experienced athletes the chance to chase real gains..

Personal Training

Need the one on one touch and convenience of private sessions? Fit Tribe Gym provides the highest caliber, results driven personal training services, delivered by highly-educated, friendly, and professional trainers.

Nutrition Coaching

Our individual nutrition consultation is a fully customized approach to your diet, health, and wellness. Developed specifically to provide personalized nutrition plans, we assist clients from all walks of life in getting and staying healthy. A Fit Tribe Coach will gain insight to your goals, lifestyle and schedule to curate a a science- backed nutrition plan with sustainable methods custom-fit for your life.


Looking for the perfect “glass slipper” fit? Let a Fit Tribe Gym Coach customize a program just for you by combining 2 or more of our services (CAMP, Nutrition Coaching, STRONG, or 1-on-1 Personal Training). This provides a one of a kind program curated to perfectly fit your schedule, goals, and unique needs.